Intentionally Blank at Hello Holiday

Sarah and I made a decision last year to stop selling cheap shoes. It's true that they sell well, it's true that we make a great margin on them, and it's true that we can update our offerings more frequently if we sell these styles, but it’s also true that we don’t want to wear those shoes ourselves. It’s true that we don’t agree with the labor practices used in making them. And it's true that by selling them, we are sacrificing our brand values and company ethics in the interest of making an easier profit.

We can do better, so we aren’t going to do that anymore.

Last February, we met Ty McBride, the owner and founder of INTENTIONALLY ______________ pronounced “Intentionally Blank”). Formerly the Global Brand Manager of Jeffrey Campbell footwear and the Creative Director of Solestruck, we were first attracted to Ty’s original label because of his experience and familiarity with the good, the bad, and the ugly of the mid-tier shoe market. But when Sarah and I went up three flights to his small studio in the LA Fashion District and spent an hour getting to know Ty, hearing about his design philosophy, and maybe trying on every sample shoe in the room, we’re now lucky to know Ty not only as a shoe guru but as a friend. 

INTENTIONALLY ______________’s mission is to create a timeless shoe brand that uses quality materials and labor practices to offer a fresh selection of staples for every woman’s closet. They aren’t fast-fashion cheap, but the leather uppers and wood heels, the padded insoles and durable metal zippers have already created a cult following for INTENTIONALLY ______________. They’re beautiful, they last, and they are part of a great brand story that we’re totally rooting for. Most importantly to Sarah and me, these are shoes that we proudly have in our own closets. Shoes that make us look forward to dressing every morning. Shoes worthy of inspiring an entire outfit.

This is the first brand we’ve committed to in our effort to carry shoe labels that are truer to our personal and corporate values, and we’re so happy that they’re finally available to Hello Holiday customers. My favorites? The Honcho and the Perf heels. I wear them every day. Shoe wardrobe: Complete. 

Shop INTENTIONALLY ______________ now.