For you: Silk Scarves Designed by Me + Alice

My creative muscles have been demanding some exercise in the past few months so I've been testing a few new design ideas for larger production. One thing I've always been proud of is my silk scarf collection, which grows as I travel--a vintage Pucci scarf from a swap meet in Berlin, a silk Dior polka dot scarf from a thrift shop in rural Iowa, a geometric pastel one picked up in a museum shop in New York. I only like to wear accessories that have a story behind them because when you take inexpensive, small things like that and choose and style them thoughtfully, they can become such meaningful personal signatures. I love how something so superficial can inspire connections that are wonderfully personal.

Silk scarves are easy to wear, but not as popular as they used to be, right? But why not? I love to wear them around my neck (which is also warm!) and tied in the back, or draped loosely over my shoulders and secured on one side with a cool enamel pin. (We have those, too.) If I'm wearing an outfit that wouldn't be improved by adding a scarf, I often tie one around the handle of my purse or thread it through the hardware on the strap. Natural silk is also a fantastic medium for art because it takes color so well, and the sheer fabric creates these gorgeous muted tones as it moves. It's also relatively inexpensive compared to other statement accessories one could find.

So these silk scarves are two of the first pieces I've produced as part of some new creative experiments I'm doing. They're 100% silk, ethically manufactured and sourced, and printed by a small community-driven studio based in Canada. I designed the one with the small lips, and the more abstract one was created by my five-year-old daughter, Alice.  They're $50 each and I have very limited quantities. 

Kiss-Off Scarf, 100% silk, $50

Alice Elfie Scarf, 100% silk, $50