lady lover, man eater, not the worst.

I started my career working as a wedding designer, creating dresses and bouquets for hundreds of brides each year. After being in the wedding industry for years, I realized that my real interest was more on the business side than the design side and started sharing my experiences as a small business owner in books and speaking gigs around the country. As I was transitioning from the business of helping people get married, I started a coworking space in my hometown, which I closed a few years later to co-found Hello Holiday, a womenswear e-commerce startup that remains my main focus today. I also take clients for personal styling and small business consulting, and I'm honored to lend my service on the boards of several amazing nonprofits. I am always doing things I feel passionate about, or am excited to be involved in, which has made for a very interesting and fulfilling life. 

My interests as they relate to my work include community-building in my city that I love, developing our local entrepreneur and creative class, and calling out the need to change the ratio of women in business. My interests as they relate to my life include dancing, rearranging the furniture in my adorable apartment, pricing plane tickets, planning parties, and consuming desserts. 

This life and my career have been completely organic and serendipitous thus far. I like to take opportunities when they present themselves, and I trust my own judgment. I like to write, and I love to work (and overwork). I love to take risks. I like to feel busy. I like to share everything—what I learn, what I write, what I think. I’m sort of intense, ambitious, passionate about civic activism, and I’m learning all the time.